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Sapphire Blue To the Ends of Forever

||ELF: My blood will forever run sapphire blue||
Dearest (Kyutorian) ♥

kimheenim: <Super Junior 7> digital album is out. It’s my ALBUM after 3 years, and it’s 5 years with KangKingㅠㅠ My friend 83 grampa Teuk-ee is also back. Choreography was done by Shindong, Eunhyuk, and there’s also a song from my little brother Donghae, ‘Shirt’. I sing a ballad (everyone told me they never knew my voice was this good. Tremble tremble..) Rap Making was made by me and Eunhyuk, so I feel proud. There is a secret in ‘THIS IS LOVE’ Rap. Ask Ryeowook-ee to tell you what it is on the radio #MAMACITA#Icanalsodohighnotes #myeyesaren’tbruised (c)

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@henrylau89: the feeling of “this is love” on the #MAMACITA album is good! ㅋ fighting hyungs! i love you all! daebak&#160;! #SUPERJUNIOR (cr)
@henrylau89: the feeling of “this is love” on the #MAMACITA album is good! ㅋ fighting hyungs! i love you all! daebak ! #SUPERJUNIOR (cr)

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Super Junior - Raining Spell For Love 

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Super Junior - Midnight Blues

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So I was looking up lyrics of Mamacita when I noticed this:


like they used the member’s name in the lyrics to fit in their meanings!!!

*highlighted words say kangin, donghae, leeteuk, siwon*

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(Compilation)(HD) 7JIB #MAMACITA Press Conference -Super Junior

  • part 2
  • part 3
  • part 4
  • part 5
  • part 6
  • part 7
  • part 8
  • part 9
  • part 10
  • part 11
  • part 12
  • part 13
  • part 14
  • part 15

*most of the videos have the same start but it’s content is different it’s not repeated ..have fun~

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PD asked fans to keep quiet. Then SJ started leading fans to make noise



Cr: 阿飘_everyday好开心

our relationship in one sentence.


The amount of happiness that Super Junior gives me is indescribable.

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Leeteuk / MAMCITA presscon 140828 / (trans cr)

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MAMACITA full track album

  • MAMACITA: is an urban new jack swing song that has drum sounds from Indian percussion and piano melody that sounds like DJ remix
  • Shirt: co-written by member Donghae has Latin feelings and percussion sound. The lyrics are witty as they express manliness that a man feels when he wears a shirt
  • Island: is a retro R&B ballad with sensitive harmony. The song adds to its specializes with its lyrics about the friendship between the members of Super Junior as well as the friendship with fans
  • Midnight Blues: an old school R&B soul song about longing for an ex-lover after breakup
  • Evanesce: a dance song with lyrics that compares a love that will soon be disappearing to a daydream
  • Raining Spell for love: an R&B pop song about what a man feels after a break up
  • This is love: an uptempo R&B song about a simple and sincere love
  • Let's Dance: disco funky song about breaking away from daily life and becoming free
  • Too Many Beautiful Girls: a medium tempo song about a man who is happy that there are so many beautiful girls in the world
  • Mid-season: a medium tempo song that compares feelings for an ex-lover to changing of seasons
  • Source: Donga
  • Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM